In memory of my parents
Thea Westerweel and Klaas Boekelo

Boekeloo Court by Cornelis Pronk (1729)

Welcome at Freerk Boekelo's genealogical website - online from July 27, 1998

History and Genealogy of the Boekeloo Family

The genealogical publication "Geschiedenis en Genealogie van de Familie Boekelo" (only available in Dutch) deals in more than 400 pages with the history of the Boekelo, Boekeloo, Bukelo and Buckelo families in The Netherlands, Germany and the USA from the 1704-1995.
More than 600 relatives pass in review. As far as information was available from direct and indirect sources, the book pays attention to every separate relative. A selection of rare, old familyphotos has been included in the book, just as an extensive register from about 2000 names. Pedigrees and extensive footnotes make the book accessible to everyone.
Also attention has been paid to the meaning and origin of the family-name, as well as to facts about 18th and 19th century countrylife in North-Groningen. An english summary of this book is available when you click here.

The "Geschiedenis en Genealogie van de Familie Boekelo" is a publication in private control and has been published in Dutch in a limited edition by Pirola Publishers in Schoorl (The Netherlands) in September 1995. It is possible to order by email ( 50 - shipping within Europe included).

Online edition
It's also possible to download the online-edition of the book and the index on names of persons appearing in the book.
The online-edition does not contain the familytree plans and the extensive source indication of the printed edition. The index of Boekeloo's buried at Riverside Cemetery in Kalamamazoo-MI is also online available.

After the presentation of the "Geschiedenis en Genealogie van de Familie Boekelo" further genealogical research to the origin of the Boekeloo family resulted in additional information. These new results are online available and have not been published in a printed edition. NB: For an automatic translation of that Dutch page use the English button at the top.

Genetic genealogy
A new branch in genealogy is called Genetic genealogy. The results of research on my y-DNA can be read in the online article Genetic Genealogy: From Adam To Boekeloo.

Familypictures online
Especially for the American relatives a selection of old familypictures has been collected in several online photoalbums. Another album shows pictures of the Boekeloo Familyday, on September 30, 1995 in Bedum (The Netherlands), where the "Geschiedenis en Genealogie van de Familie Boekelo" has been presented.

Using and copying information
Information from the original "Geschiedenis en Genealogie van de Familie Boekelo" and from this website may be used freely for private use. In case of publication copying is permitted when mentioning author, title, place and year of the original edition.