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The Kalamazoo Boekeloo-Laning connection

Front page of a New Testament, once owned bij Klaas Kornelis Laning,
grandfather of Klaas Boekeloo (#188) from Kalamazoo-MI
(enlargement: click at photo)

At the time that Klaas Boekeloo (#188) went to Kalamazoo
there already lived two of his uncles Laning. Both Gerrit and
Cornelis Laning were brothers of Klaas Boekeloo's mother
Grietje Laning from Bedum, The Netherlands. Klaas Boekeloo's
deaf and dumb sister Grietje Boekelo (#190) from Bedum,
The Netherlands wrote at the backside of next photo-postcard:
"Mijn Oom en Tante uit Kalamazoo, N. Amerika" (My uncle and
aunt from Kalamazoo, North America). These aunt and uncle were
Cornelis Laning and Aaltje Ter Laan.

"Mijn Oom en Tante uit Kalamazoo, N. Amerika"

Grietje Laning, mother of Klaas Boekeloo (#188)
and sister of Gerrit and Cornelis Laning from Kalamazoo-MI

Cornelis Laning, his wife Aaltje Ter Laan and their
three children Annechien, Rientje (Rena) and Klaas (Claus) Laning

Aaltje ter Laan, the wife of Cornelis Laning

The Cornelis Laning children Annechien, Rena and Claus.
Annechien Laning married Hendrik van Dam, Rena Laning married
Evert (Edward) Brondyke and Claus Laning married Jenny Keizer.
Later Claus lost four of his seven children in a gas-accident

Annechien Laning, daughter of Cornelis Laning and Aaltje Ter Laan

Obituary of Gerrit Laning
from a local newspaper in Kalamazoo

The Boekeloo-Laning connection
how the Kalamazoo Boekeloo and Laning families are related
(bold printed names are brothers and sisters)

MARTEN BOEKELO (1862-1935) x GRIETJE LANING (1858-1930)
(from Bedum, The Netherlands)
Freerk Boekelo (1890-1955) x Geertruida Kok (1891-1960)
Klaas Boekeloo (1892-1966) x Zwaantje van Dijk (1890-1970)
Annechien Boekelo (1895-1967) x Anno Kalkwiek
Grietje Boekelo (deaf and dumb, 1899-1915)

(from Kalamazoo, Michigan)
Agnes Laning
Antje Laning
Klaas Laning
Pieter Laning
Jan van Zanten
Jac. van Zanten
Trientje van Zanten

CORNELIS LANING (1853-1920) x AALTJE TER LAAN (1855 - .......)
(from Kalamazoo, Michigan)
Annechien Laning x Hendrik van Dam
Rientje (Rena) Laning x Evert (Edward) Brondyke
Klaas (Claus) Laning x Jennie Keizer

Next information is about the families of this three children:

(from Kalamazoo, Michigan)
Lammert van Dam
Frederika van Dam
Cornelia van Dam
Anna van Dam
Jacob van Dam
Alice van Dam

(from Kalamazoo, Michigan)
Alice Brondyke
Christine Brondyke x ......... Koekoek (children: Niels Koekoek, Jacob Koekoek and Alice Koekoek)
Jacob Brondyke
Cornelis Brondyke

(from Kalamazoo, Michigan)
Andrew Laning
Henriette Laning x ......... Holly
Alice Laning
Cornelius (deceased at the age of 14 in a gas-accident)
Garrett (deceased at the age of 11 in a gas-accident)
John (deceased at the age of 9 in a gas-accident)
James (deceased at the age of 1 in a gas-accident)